2- The Relationship Between Job Characteristics and Job Satisfaction (A Case Study of State-Run Departments of Divandarreh)

Maziar Jalil Hashemi*1, Delkash Sadeqi2 - 4021

International Journal of Management Sciences and Education, March  2016, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp: 42-45

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In classical theory of management, salary has been named as the most important factor in creating job satisfaction of employees. But other research has proved that there are other factors that can create a significant impact on employees ' job satisfaction. Among these factors, job characteristics have an important role in creating job satisfaction. This study aims to examine the relationship between job characteristics and job satisfaction among the employees of Divandarreh’s state-run departments. This research will be examined with one main hypothesis and thirteen secondary hypotheses. The results of hypothesis testing confirm the relationship between job characteristics and job satisfaction. This means that redesign of jobs makes employees know the importance of themselves and their job; in other words, they should feel being important that consequently increases job satisfaction.

Key words: job satisfaction, job characteristics.

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