5 – Comparative Investigation of Intelligence, Height, and Weight of Children Fed with Breast Milk and Children Fed with Formula (Milk Powder) (Children Aged 3-6 Years in the City of Tehran)

Ashraf Rezaee*1 – 4054

International Journal of Management Sciences and Education, March  2016, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp: 54-59

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The current research was aimed at examining the difference between breast fed and formula fed children  in terms of intelligence, height and weight as well as examining the relation of mother's age status with the kind of children's feeding. The research method was of a survey type and it fell under the category of non-experimental and causal-comparative researches. The research population consisted of all children aged 3-6 years in kindergartens, district 15 of Tehran, out of whom100 people were selected through in access sampling. In this research, inventories were used for measuring data. To measure the level of intelligence of child1ren aged 3 and 4 years, Goodenough Intelligence Test was applied while Raven Test was used for testing children aged 5 and 6 years. The inventory constructed by the researcher himself was also used for measurement of family and child's demographic status as well. Having been gathered, data were analyzed via using independent group’s t statistical test. Results indicated that there was a significant difference between children fed with mother's milk and those fed with formula in terms of intelligence level and also, a significant relationship was found between mother's ages and feeding status; however, no significant difference was obtained between their height and weight. It is concluded that mother's milk is the best choice for feeding children since it has positive impacts on children. Childbirth in lower ages causes mother to milk her baby with more tendencies and less use alternative food.

Keywords: Intelligence, Height, Weight, Mother's age, Mother's milk, Formula.

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