6 - Examining Advantages and Disadvantages of Using HIS System in Treatment Centers(Case Study: Social Security Clinics and Hospitals, Kurdistan province )

Hiva Hanifi *1 – 4069

International Journal of Management sciences and Education, March  2016, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp: 60-64

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The main purpose of this research was to explore advantages and disadvantages of Hospital Information System (HIS) in Social Security treatment centers in the province of Kurdistan. This research falls under the category of applied researches in terms of goals and methodologically speaking, it is considered to be of survey type and is descriptive and more it involves correlation. The researcher by using the universe, especially by using random sampling addresses activities. The research is also of a correlation type research in terms of the relationship between the variables and is cross-section based on the time of gathering of data. The main tool for collecting data in this research is a researcher made questionnaire. The statistical population of this research consists of treatment centers in the province of Kurdistan. Given the fact that the present research is of large and unlimited populations, the level of the research sample is estimated based on an unlimited population. To choose the sample volume, the Cochran formula was applied. The findings suggest that there is a relationship between the advantages and disadvantages of the Hospital Information System (HIS) and the center's functioning. and since the value of this relationship is positive, one can conclude that centers which are equipped with Hospital Information System (HIS) could have higher functioning compared to those lacking such systems.

Keywords: Social Security, Information, Treatment, Hospitals, Systems.

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